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face mist 100 ml

100% organic

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Orange blossom (neroli) hydrolat.

The aroma is a delightful, vibrant floral, and fruity sweet.

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      Benefits & Uses


      Close your eyes and spray your mist around your face:
      - when you wake up
      - whenever you need to freshen up and moisturize the skin
      - after workout
      - on travels before you go to bed

      - gives your skin an immediate hydration
      - calming, soothing & refreshing
      - a natural toner for your skin
      - support the appearance of radiant skin
      - help reduce scarring from blemishes and acne
      - support new cell growth
      - astringent properties: oily skin, acne-prone skin and big pores
      - mildly sedative and help ease feelings of nervous tension


      neroli hydrolat* neroli hydrolat

      * organic or wildcrafted